VISUAL IMPRESSIONS, A Group Exhibition Featuring:

  JOSEPHINE BURR ELIZABETH GOURLAY ANNA HEPLER DAVID HORNUNG Please join me for the Opening Reception on Sunday, JULY 23, 4 – 7PM VISUAL IMPRESSIONS: A Group Exhibition is the third show of Season V at the Cynthia Winings Gallery, featuring the work of Josephine Burr, Elizabeth Gourlay, Anna Helper, and David Hornung. I am fortunate to include […]

‘Deer Isle Journal’: Artist Talk

Susan Cohen and Marilyn Turtz, of the ‘Deer Isle Journal’: Artist Talk The Cynthia Winings Gallery is pleased to present an Artist Talk by Susan Cohen and Marilyn Turtz for First Friday Blue Hill on July 7th.The talk begins at 5:30PM, Everyone is welcome!The ‘Deer Isle Journal’ is a special project in the current exhibition, Light Source. The two accomplished landscape […]


OPENING RECEPTION: SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 4 – 7PM.THE CYNTHIA WININGS GALLERY PRESENTS’LIGHT SOURCE’:A Group Exhibition, featuring the artwork ofTom Curry,Helene Farrar,Douglas Florian,Mark Little,M P LandisLari Washburn,and including ‘Deer Isle Journal’, a special project with Susan Cohen and Marilyn Turtz. On view June 20 until July 15.Image credit: M P Landis

Patricia Wheeler: Artist Talk

For FIRST FRIDAY BLUE HILL, June 2nd, the gallery will host an artist talk by Patricia Wheeler. Her work is currently on view at the gallery in the group show, ‘Center Point’. Join us at 5:30PM, when Wheeler will share her creative process, and talk about her practice of incorporating ritual and symbolism into her work. The talk begins at 5:30PM, […]


Join me at the 2017 season opener at the Cynthia Winings Gallery, for the Opening Reception for a new group show, ‘CENTER POINT’, SUNDAY, MAY 28, 4 – 7PM. Featuring the artwork of Juliet Karelsen, Libby Mitchell, Carol Pelletier, and Patricia Wheeler, and including new work from Louise Bourne, Tom Curry, Heidi Daub, Buzz Masters, […]

The Mid-Winter (Valentine’s Day) Show

A group exhibition featuring the artwork of Jenny Brillhart, Tim Christensen, Avy Claire, Devta Doolan, Sarah Doremus, Buzz Masters, Carol Pelletier, Jerry Rose, and Nisa Smiley.Evening Reception: Friday, February 10th, 5:00 – 8PM.This is a one day event where the gallery is shining with creative expression – Come for the art, stay for the buttered […]

Upcoming Events

Greetings To All! Upcoming Events for Cynthia Winings and the Cynthia Winings Gallery:   Wunderkammer, an exhibition of artworks at the Blue Hill Public Library, December 1 through January 2nd. Give Beauty and Art this holiday to all those you Love For this exhibition in the Display Cases of the Howard Room, Cynthia has curated […]


Closing Reception for Season IV: Let’s Toast To A Great Season   Everyone is warmly invited to the Closing Reception, Sunday, October 9, 5 – 7 PM.   Currently on view at the gallery is the Acadia Centennial Exhibition: The View From Here. The exhibition features the artwork of Chris Baker, Louise Bourne, Tom Curry, Alison […]

Louise Bourne: Artist Talk

  The Cynthia Winings Gallery is pleased to present an Artist Talk by Louise Bourne for First Friday Blue Hill on September 2nd. The talk begins at 5:30PM, Everyone is welcome! Louise Bourne’s artwork is currently on view in the new exhibition, ‘The View From Here, The Acadia Centennial Exhibition.’  Please join me as Bourne talks […]

Acadia Centennial Exhibition, The View From Here

Opening Reception: Sunday, August 28, 4 – 7PM FEATURING: CHRIS BAKER LOUISE BOURNE TOM CURRY ALISON DIBBLE RICHARD KEEN CHRISTINE LAFUENTE BEN POTTER SHANNON RANKIN JERRY ROSE The View From Here is a landscaped-themed show, and coincides with the world-welcoming celebration for Acadia National Park’s Centennial, (1916 – 2016). Join us as we celebrate the beauty […]