Heather Lyon

"Venus Series" 12"x12" each Gouache, watercolor on Chemist's filter paper on board

“Venus Series”
12″x12″ each
Gouache, watercolor on Chemist’s filter paper on board

'Beam' gouache and spray paint on paper, 7.5"x11"

gouache and spray paint on paper, 7.5″x11″


'Infinity Sea' gouache and watercolor on paper, 22"x30"

‘Infinity Sea’
gouache and watercolor on paper, 22″x30″

'The Bluest Dark' pieced various cloths, spray paint, 5'x3'

‘The Bluest Dark’
pieced various cloths, spray paint, 5’x3′

'Wave' gouache on paper, collage, 10.5"x11"

gouache on paper, collage, 10.5″x11″

My imagery is drawn from my personal relationship to land, having nurtured a deep connection to place since birth on the coast of Maine.  In my work, the ocean serves as a metaphor for the consciousness of the the universe and the boat is a lifetime that rises and plummets with the waves, navigates the storms on voyages of transformation.  The boat is a way to give myself an organizing principle or system.  The boat is ever present in my material choices, references to nautical life, interest in mapping or navigation, bodies water or land, and imagery of the ocean.  My work is an inquiry into the specifics of place, systems and ways of perceiving energy, and the distillation of color and material.
I am interested in the possibility of cloth and pliable materials to be used as systems of communication and significance as they have throughout time. My process often includes repetitive tasks, piecing, sewing, wrapping, crochet, knitting, embroidery, binding.  These are additive processes, and organizing principles, to record and code time.  Through these actions something is revealed to me, a kind of language or signal to build upon.  I often use leftovers, what is on hand or discarded, finding a place for the unwanted or unused from a particular location.  I seek to create something that is itself and beyond itself, using material as metaphor.