Jennifer Maloney

"Exactly Where I Left It" 16"x20"

“Exactly Where I Left It” 16″x20″

"I Know Where It Goes" 16"x20"

“I Know Where It Goes” 16″x20″

"Target" 18"x24"

“Target” 18″x24″

"The Most Important Pile" 18"x24"

“The Most Important Pile” 18″x24″

Objects fascinate me: their form, function, and the value we place on them. I have a meticulous interest in the mundane, the detritus, and the castaway objects of the world. I collect these objects from periods in my life and turn them into documents of my experiences. In painting these objects, I seek a balance between the documentation of a moment and the monumental iconic quality of the ordinary object itself.  I find myself fascinated by the exquisite care in crafting objects that are ultimately created for consumption or disposal.

I paint the ordinary and useless, the useful and extraordinary. I paint antiques and heirlooms. I paint gifts and tools. I paint objects as surrogates for people. I paint the humorous and the tragic, the ironic and the iconic, the beautiful, and the ugly; kitsch things and objects of taste capture my attention alike. I paint memories. I paint my autobiography. I paint objects that will outlive me.

Ultimately, I am a consumer, collector, commentator, and cataloguer.

Jennifer Maloney was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1977.  She received her master’s of fine arts from Brooklyn College in 2003. She works in oil, gouache, and charcoal. She has taught at the Rhode Island School of design and is currently tenured faculty at Adelphi University. Maloney has exhibited across the United States. She has exhibited at DFN Gallery in Chelsea and The Painting Center in SoHo.

She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.